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At I.D. Swiss Botanicals, we have developed a range of herbal cosmetics. These products activate our endocannabinoid system, making skin visibly healthier and more radiant, while improving our general well-being.


We are identifying various pathways to specific brain areas of interest for their role on general well-being in the broadest sense, and how the herbal ingredients we have identified can interact with them through innovative delivery methods.

We explain what it is

The endocannabinoid system

Above all, it is a major brain modulation network, with receptors located in the central nervous system as well as in various peripheral systems.

It regulates brain homeostasis throughout development, from cerebral plasticity to learning, memory, fear and protective behaviors. It is a major player in the regulation of food intake, energy storage, nutritional status and adipose tissue mass. Loss of control of the endocannabinoid system, for example, has repercussions on mood disorders (anxiety, hyperactivity, psychosis and depression).

But what is the link between neurocosmetics and the endocannabinoid system?

What's new here, and particularly exciting, is the recent understanding of the existence of cutaneous endocannabinoid receptors, which opens up an unlimited field of possibilities in neurocosmetics.

CBD is today the most studied non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid. It has become the subject of much research and development as a neuroactive agent. In addition to its many well-known benefits (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, restorative, etc.) and lesser-known ones (regulation of the microbiome, reorganization of collagen fibers, strong stimulation of cell growth, etc.), this ingredient provides access to numerous receptors, channels and cellular transporters, particularly those of the endocannabinoid system. This makes it a prime candidate for the development of neurocosmetics and skin-brain-skin interaction.


Our products are the first to contain CBD Beauty Complex™, a cutting-edge botanical complex that promotes the diffusion of CBD into the skin and increases its bioavailability.

As the CBD molecule is naturally too large to penetrate the skin's pores and deliver its benefits, we have encapsulated it in our liposome. This simple encapsulation of CBD, Pinosylvine and organic hemp oil ensures optimal diffusion of the active ingredients into the epidermis. No hemp scent.

CBD is encapsulated in a nano-emulsion and then combined with soothing active ingredients, a novel combination that offers a powerful calming effect and makes our formulas unique.

A new technology: CBD VectorS™

This second-generation CBD vectoring system is based on cutting-edge dual encapsulation technology for several active botanical ingredients, developed in Switzerland and owned by I.D. Swiss Botanicals.

CBD encapsulated in this way confers enhanced stability and safety, as well as improved bioavailability and efficacy.

CBD VectorS™ also contains Swiss pine extract, containing an effective molecule called pinosylvin displaying activity close to resveratrol (an antioxidant and soothing substance).

Efficacy x10 vs CBD Beauty Complex.

Magazine #01

Discover our very first digital magazine dedicated to neurocosmetics!

our neuro-active ingredients
our neuro-active ingredients


Anti-oxidant active ingredient extracted from Swiss Alpine pine (Arolle), known to prevent premature skin aging and reduce skin inflammation. Also reinforces the skin's defenses against the harmful effects of the sun.

our neuro-active ingredients


Used for centuries, from Egypt to ancient Greece, peppermint oil maintains and considerably improves your digestive system. It also has recognized effects on the nervous system. Finally, the menthol it contains activates a cellular receptor shared with CBD.

our neuro-active ingredients


Widely used in aromatherapy or to flavor foods, cinnamon oil is also recognized as a nerve soother.

our neuro-active ingredients


Plant butter, rich in fatty acids, known for its nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and regenerating properties. Repairs and promotes healing of dry, damaged skin.

our neuro-active ingredients


Soothing, anti-inflammatory (reduces redness, fights inflamm'aging) and seboregulating active ingredient that helps rebalance the skin's microbiome. Reduces skin sensitivity and improves cell regeneration and healing.

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Dermatologist FMH and co-founder

Philippe Papadimitriou

Head of science

Alexandra Thion

Product Manager