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How to Use

Why CBD?

CBD prevents the disruption of collagen fibers that work against sagging skin. It allows your skin to be smooth and plump.

CBD is associated with the proliferation of keratinocytes (cells of the epidermis); it allows the skin to regenerate. In addition, it promotes tissue repair during wound healing.

CBD accesses our endocannabinoid system, which influences a wide variety of physiological processes throughout the body. It helps coordinate messages between the body and the brain. A "healthy mind in a [healthy skin]".

CBD helps regulate the skin's microbiome, composed of microorganisms, playing a key role in its protection.

Customer Reviews

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Deep Hydrating Serum Rich in Hyaluronic Acid

Malina Rotaru

Deep Hydrating Serum Rich in Hyaluronic Acid

Moisturizing and plumping effect guaranteed

This product is a real moisturizer for my skin. It is relieved and plumped up.
Easy to apply with its pump system, the smell is nevertheless rather strong. One gets used to it in spite of everything.
My sensitive skin is a bit reactive to hyaluronic acid (tingling on application) but this quickly fades away to leave an intense hydration.

Super composition, to use in complement of a cream

This serum has a very natural smell (which might not please everyone, but disappears very quickly), a pleasant texture, it does not stick, does not shine and it penetrates very quickly into the skin.
It provides a satisfactory level of hydration when used alone, but I still recommend using it before your day/night cream, because when I used it alone my skin started to feel slightly tight again.
Suitable for all skin types thanks to its excellent composition.

Aaa Aaaa
Great result

Texture is melting, it applies easily, penetrates very quickly by leaving the flexible and hydrated skin.
Visibly reduces imperfections while hydrating the skin. Super result, my complexion is uniform and my skin is smoother.


Free delivery for orders over 59 CHF

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