CBD: this simple natural trick allows you to add it in all your beauty products - Femina.fr - September 2022

CBD: this simple natural trick allows you to add it in all your beauty products - Femina.fr - September 2022

For several years now, cannabidiol (nicknamed CBD) has been on everyone's lips. The molecule extracted from hemp - Cannabis sativa -, not to be confused with the psychotropic THC, would have, according to some, relaxing virtues, legally. In spite of promises sometimes too tempting, the CBD intrigues so much that it invites itself from now on in our cosmetics (even the most intimate).

Because, not content with tackling anxiety, cannabidiol also claims various skin virtues. Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, this star ingredient is so popular that beauty brands are including it in dedicated ranges. But because it is costly and restrictive to change its entire care routine, I.D. Swiss Botanicals innovates by launching ... a CBD powder to mix with its favorite products. 

Formulated with 99.4% natural ingredients, Skin Stress Balancer is an innovative powder serum. Just like some skincare boosters, which invite vitamin D or self-tanning in our cosmetics, it allows to add CBD to any formula... as long as it contains water. This anhydrous serum needs aqueous agents to dissolve perfectly: it cannot be mixed with oil.

Its instructions in 3 steps: 

  • Apply a small amount of care to the back of the hand
  • Apply 2 to 3 doses of the powdered serum and mix 
  • Apply the whole to the face (the operation can be repeated morning and evening)

CBD VectorS, a double encapsulation that improves the stability of cannabidiol

Skin Stress Balancer contains a unique ingredient: CBD VectorS. It isolates, in lecithin and hemp oil, CBD, a pine extract and vitamin E. This process of double encapsulation confers a stability such as the effectiveness of cannabidiol is multiplied by 10, compared to a simple dose of identical CBD.

INCI list: isolmalt, aqua, cannabis sativa seed oil, pentylene glycol, pinus cembra wood extract, lecithinm, cannabis sativa leaf extract, cyclodextrin tocopherol.

Protection against UV, pollution and chemical products that limits inflamm'aging

The objective of these active ingredients? To limit inflamm'aging, a slow inflammation that accentuates the premature aging of the skin. Promoting skin protection against pollution, tobacco, chemicals and UV rays, the Swiss serum reduces skin sensitivity by 67.5%. It also boosts the antioxidant effectiveness of vitamin E alone by 56%. According to I.D. Swiss Botanicals, its flagship active ingredient, CBD, also improves the capacity for natural cell regeneration by 30% reduces wrinkles by 28% and regulates the microbiome.

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