Anti-imperfections Skin imperfections can be of very varied natures. They can appear as local blemishes, pimples or blackheads, microkysts, pores, age spots, very localized relief, or even more widespread problems, such as stigmata of acne, rosacea, etc. These problems can have various origins, including an imbalanced general emotional state or skin aging due to external aggressions. Our line of neurocosmetics has a double impact: it reduces stress and provides various natural benefits associated with CBD. Scientific publications as well as dermatological tests provide proof of the anti-imperfections properties of our formulas.

Notre CBD Beauty Complex augmente la prolifération des kératinocytes lorsque que la peau est en reconstruction pour accélérer sa cicatrisation. Il agit plus rapidement que l’EGV. Pour une peau lisse et repulpée.