Skin Stress Balancer

What products can I use the Skin Stress Balancer with ?

The Skin Stress Balancer can be used with every water-based skin care formulation. This means it is compatible with your skincare day & night creams, serums, BB & CC creams, gel-creams, beauty essences, gels, elixirs, masks, hand creams, body creams, body milks, body lotions,…

Is the Skin Stress Balancer going to alter either the texture or the smell of my skincare products ?

No it won’t ! The Skin Stress Balancer was designed to be soluble and scentless for your favorite product to not be altered.

Why a dry serum ?

I.D. Swiss Botanicals has always commited to highly effective formulas and limiting anything that would be considered superfluous. The Skin Stress Balancer is hence a model of innovation: a highly-dosed formula in a highly-condensed packaging for 160+ applications! You buy efficacy, not water. Also and that matters a lot to us: water is a worldwide issue and is used in almost each cosmetic product. With the dry form of the Skin Stress Balancer, I.D. Swiss Botanicals benefits from the water of the products already in your bathroom, allowing the formula to not contain any preservatives. In its dry form, our Skin Stress Balancer is less dense and may ship worldwide using less CO2 and grey energy for a same amount of applications, compared to a liquid formula. Sounds like small things but at I.D. Swiss Botanicals, we believe that by multiplying small efforts, all of us can achieve massive and necessary changes !

What products can I not use the Skin Stress Balancer with ?

The Skin Stress Balancer can’t be used with oil-based formulations (dry oil, face oil, body oil, foundation, make-up,..). Besides, we recommend avoiding its use with products that are rinsed promptly such as cleansers, make up removers, foaming (bath or shower) products, exfoliants and the likes. Products for which mixing is not easy should better be avoided too (face mists, aqueous sprays, untextured lotions, toners,..). The Skin Stress Balancer is NOT fit for oral care.

How much should I use ?

The recommended dosage is between 2 to 3 doses per usage. This quantity is fit to the amount usually used for a skincare face application. Use it proportionally for larger surfaces.

How many times a day should I use it ?

We suggest to apply the Skin Stress Balancer 2 to 4 times a day, within your morning to evening routine(s). Please note that if your skin requires more daily applications, it is absolutely possible ! The Skin Stress Balancer is extremely well tolerated.

Is it suitable for all skin types ?

Yes, the Skin Stress Balancer is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

What is the percentage of CBD in the product ?

The Skin Stress Balancer is the first product to feature the newly-designed CBD VectorS ™ (a cutting-edge technology developped and owned by I.D. Swiss Botanicals in Switzerland). Due to a complex penetration profile, the CBD needs some care to reach its skin targets. In the CBD VectorS ™, the CBD is encapsulated twice, vectorized and combined with other concentrated active ingredients, showing itself more than 8 times more effective than pure CBD. So, you can’t compare the concentration of the CBD VectorS ™ with other products containing only CBD. We have decided not to fight the battle of the % but the one of the efficacy.

How to use it ?

1) On the top of your hand, apply a small amount of your favorite beauty product

2) Pull 2-3 doses of the Skin Stress Balancer on it

3) Mix it gently with the tip of your fingers

4) Apply to the face. Use it proportionally for larger surfaces.

Can I travel with it ?

Yes, mainly, but it may depend on the country of destination. Topical use of CBD is generally accepted. We invite you to inquire about the laws in force in the country you plan to travel to.

Can I eat it or drink it ?

No, the Skin Stress Balancer is intendeed for external use only.

Can I mix it with my make up ? For example with my foundation ?

No, the Skin Stress Balancer is not intendeed to be mixed with make up products, which are generally oil-based (except BB and CC creams which are hybrid products, containing water).

Why should I mix it on the top of my hand ?

We have rebelliously been inspired by the famous tequila shot ritual, the one that includes salt and lime, to add a bit of fun to the application gesture ! In addition, this makes the blending easy and efficient.

What is homeostasis ?

Homeostasis is skin’s dynamic self-regulating process for the essential equilibrium needed to resist disturbances (UV, pollution, stress,..). It limits inflamm’aging. In other words, without it, your skin is more vulnerable.

Why I.D. Swiss Botanicals is talking about a smarter skin ?

If the brain is connected to your skin, the reciprocal is equally right. The Skin Stress Balancer has the ability to teach and help the skin via its complex interactions with the peripheral and central nervous systems, to modulate its response to various external stressors, limiting overreactions including inflamm’aging. All by itself. Isn’t that smart?

Is it a sun protection product ? May I use it as a sun portection product ?

The Skin Stress Balancer works on the homeostasis of your skin and the dynamic self-regulating process which is essential to the equilibrium needed to resist disturbances like UV. Our tests show that the Skin Stress Balancer reduces the potential consequences of a moderate UV exposure. But be careful, the Skin Stress Balancer does not contain UV-filters and is by definition neither a sun protection product (!), nor a sun protection product booster/enhancer. It does not replace your preferred sun protection products. We are simply arming your skin to better protect against and/or recover from external stress factors like UV.

How does the Skin Stress Balancer actually work on my skin ?

When your skin is exposed to external stressors (UV, pollution, chemical insult, etc), it produces pro- and anti-inflammatory messengers to keep a proper balance and ensure homeostasis. The Skin Stress Balancer modulate the skin’s response to stressors inducing inflamm’aging, allowing a better balance. The CBDVectorS ™ allows for CBD to be better-delivered and thus also protect the skin thanks to its antioxidant profile (higher than Vitamin E – I.D. Swiss Botanicals proprietary test).

What is inflamm'aging and what role the Skin Stress Balancer play with that ?

Pro- and anti-inflammatory messengers produced by the skin over time create a cascade of reactions that end up altering the tissues and affecting the skin’s appearance with wrinkles, a darker complexion and the likes. Accelerated aging, due to repeated inflammations (the case of sensitive skin), is named inflamm’aging.

The Skin Stress Balancer is designed to help your skin respond to these external stresses and hence limit inflamm’aging’s consequences.

How does pollution affect my skin ?

Pollution is a term that encompasses a wide variety of man-made harmful substances. When pollutions (particulate matter, cigarette smoke, pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbons..) are present in the air, they interact with the skin and induce reactions of defense which also affect its proper functions, and ultimately ..its appearance.

Can I use it on other part of the body?

The Skin Stress Balancer is a cosmetic product and it can be used in other areas than the face, yes, as long as it is solubilized in a cosmetic formula. We also recommended using it on your hands, as the latter are, with your face, the parts of your body that are the most exposed to external stressors like UV, pollution or chemical insults (soap or disinfectants, for example).

Is this product really 100% natural ?

Yes it is ! At I.D. Swiss Botanicals, we are fully dedicated to naturality and have worked to create a fully natural product. The Skin Stress Balancer’s matrix is a natural sugar-derived material.