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Customer Reviews

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The best cream and serum

I had terrible skin (sensitive, redness, acne) and this creams and sermus helped me. They saved my skin. Npt expensive but very very good product.

A very good gift idea

Very practical as a gift and to introduce the I.D. Swiss Botanicals brand!

Deep Hydrating Serum Rich in Hyaluronic Acid

Nice effect quickly.

After 2 weeks of use seems perfect.

Very surprised and very satisfied

my advice of use
Personally, I used to take about ten drops in the evening directly on my tongue.
For my partner it was a few drops on the tongue when he felt the need.

Presentation and packaging
Very design and aesthetic.
The purple and white colors are very nice and make you want to buy or discover the product.
And the glass bottle is just great and classy.
Congratulations to the designer.

The use with the drop system is very practical.
Personally, the product was effective in the case of my spouse when he felt stressed and on me for my insomnia I managed to feel more calm at the time of sleeping.
I recommend it without any worries.


I loved the packaging, beautiful color, very eye-catching and quality, the bottle is also solid with the pipette is hygienic, simple to use for the right dose of products
The box is easily stored the bottle, very practical with all the detailed information

I have trouble sleeping for long periods of time because of stress as well as lifestyle habits. I really have used many therapies but sometimes I am afraid of addiction and affecting my health. First of all, I am extremely impressed with the scent of cinnamon, mint as well as lavender, it helps me feel relaxed immediately. I started using this product with 3 drops and after about 10 to 15 minutes after 9pm, I felt a relaxation of my whole body. I also did yoga and listened to meditation music and a little essential oil for the room to increase the effectiveness. During the first week of use, my sleep has changed. I fall asleep more easily and wake up less at night. By the second week, I started increasing the dosage to 5 drops. It helps me fight my stress more effectively. I also sleep better and more than 6 hours a day and do not wake up at night anymore. I am more awake and motivated in the morning. As a result, my face is also more radiant and less tired, I think my complexion and my general condition are improving.

Little advice: Respect the doses, and increase gradually. Listen to and feel the changes in your body to get the right dose. Do not worry too much or expect an immediate effect from the first use if you suffer from prolonged insomnia

CBD Oil - No Stress Elixir
Catherine Calantzis Robert
Wonderful product

Restores elasticity, plumps, illuminates the complexion.


The product allowed me to relax completely before bedtime, it was not an exceptional transformation but I am more zen at bedtime

Calm during the day

I found that these drops calmed me down during the day, that I was less stressed. However, they did not help me fall asleep. I should mention that I usually take a sedative to fall asleep.
I liked the mint-cinnamon flavor.

A moment of relaxation

A practical bottle, with a pipette to dose the drops, the packaging is an invitation to rest, an elixir with a taste of cinnamon, for me I find it comforting. Adapt well the doses, go gradually. For my part I started with 5 drops and I went up to 15. The product relaxed me well and helped me to have a more peaceful sleep. The features of my face when I wake up are more relaxed.

Top products

This product is really great! I recommend it! Since I take it at night I feel much more relaxed. My skin is healthier. Top

I love it

Presentation and packaging
I loved the packaging which is very fresh as well as the color.
The box where the bottle is stored is superb and very practical

I found this oil to be very effective against pain and to have a restful sleep

My advice of use: to respect the doses, and to increase gradually, to take rather the evening or then in the event of pain. Very practical bottle with pipette, in polished glass. A beautiful sliding cardboard box to protect the bottle, the packaging is elegant, it made me think of an elixir, a magic potion to sleep well and soothe. Easy to use with the pipette for the right dose of products, information of use well indicated. Helps me to sleep better and have less drawn facial features.

works perfectly

5 drops before going to bed really improves my sleep quality

Multiple benefits

This product is really great! It helps me to fight against my stress, quite important in this period! Moreover, I have been able to enjoy a more restful sleep with the use of this oil and no longer have insomnia.
I have seen a real impact on my skin, which is more plumped, less dull, less tired!

Nice discovery!

I love this Elixir! It leaves my skin with a sweet natural scent, smooth skin and intense hydration! My skin is more luminous and plump when I wake up. It's a great discovery!
I love its natural composition, this texture is ideal for a better efficiency!

Support elixir

my advice of use
I advise to go there gradually in order to find its own dosage and to renew during the day, the evening, according to its needs, it is rather personal and why not what I do, to associate it with meditation!

Presentation and packaging
I like very much its packaging of soft color and very well thought, all the indications, posology was printed on it at the same time ecological and really very practical!

The small measuring bottle is itself well thought out thanks to the color of the cap which recalls the box, no confusion thus with another product of the mark! the pouring of the drops under the language of made easily! with this elixir I notice a little more appeasement, calmer, it improves the "quality of my times of meditation" and imprisons me less in my thoughts or my ruminations! On the other hand it does not help me to fall asleep, nor has better sleep!

However, I have no improvement of my skin condition. I have a problem with the insertion of the cap and after 3 days I am very happy. With my son, the Tropfen work well and he has given them to me.

Many thanks for your feedback. If the individual properties of the raw materials are different from person to person, you can increase the dosage at any time to find the best possible solution for you (we recommend that you increase the dosage at any time) and thus achieve the desired results. Bitte zögern Sie nicht, uns für weitere Informationen direkt per E-Mail unter oder direkt telefonisch unter +41 21 588 05 01 (Französisch oder Englisch) zu kontaktieren. Thank you and a very nice follow-up. Das Team von I.D. Swiss Botanicals

Thank you for your comments. As individual sensitivity to the active ingredients may vary from person to person, you can safely increase the dosage daily to find the one that suits you best (we recommend increasing by one drop each day to achieve this) and thus obtain the desired effect. Do not hesitate to contact us directly by email at or directly by phone at +41 21 588 05 01 (French or English) for more information. Thank you very much and have a nice day. The I.D. Swiss Botanicals team

CDB oil

my advice for use
Use as the last step of your routine, to seal in the previous treatments. Proceed to a massage to make penetrate the care, possibly using a guasha. This allows to benefit from a moment of relaxation but also from all the sensoriality of the product (texture, smell).

Présentation et packaging
Très joli flacon qui rappelle le packaging d'emballage. Pipette très fonctionnelle. Très important car la quantité de produit prélevé est charnière dans son utilisation. En revanche la couleur lavande (associée au sommeil dans de nombreux domaine) peut induire en erreur, car la plante aromatique << lavande >> n'apparaît pas dans la formule. Or elle a des propriétés liée au sommeil. Cela peut induire en erreur.

Very easy to use. Description and instructions on the package. Effectiveness: mixed opinion. No improvement of the sleep nor of the speed of falling asleep. On the other hand skin more flexible and luminous.

For mild anxiety disorders

my advice of use
Apply the number of drops indicated on the packaging according to your needs.

Presentation and packaging
Very good packaging that keeps the bottle away from light, very practical drawer system. The bottle is also practical with its pipette.

Easy to use, the pipette delivers the number of drops necessary. I did not feel the effects, certainly due to the dosage in CBD. I am used to take full spectrum oil dosed at 30% CBD for my pains. I did not feel any pain or difficulty falling asleep while using this product. The mixture with the vegetable oils is great for the taste.


A real natural miracle product to help manage stress and sleep better, a pleasant smell and taste that helps to relax

A natural supplement for relaxation

The presentation is really nice. There is a cardboard box that slides out revealing a small glass pipette bottle. The colors are soft and soothing, a relaxing purple. You can see the light brown liquid inside. Highlighting of the ingredients, few in number and of quality. Visible Swiss origin Some advice for use.
The smell is rather strong (as well as the taste, it is particular, a little mentholated spicy). The presence of CBD frightened me a little but finally no particular taste. I do not know if it is magic (I was not relaxed suddenly) but I believe to have been more "zen" sometimes.
On the other hand, personally my sleep was not more peaceful...
No effects on the skin yet, but maybe it takes a little more time.
A downside is the rather vague instructions for use. It is not really well explained how to use it. I went on the internet to find that you should take 1 to 5 drops on the tongue in case of a little stress, or even 5 to 20 drops for a "crisis".

CBD Oil - Deep Sleep Elixir
laetitia nivelais
Nice discovery

Presentation and packaging:
The packaging is a glass bottle with a measuring pipette which is very convenient. The bottle is in a box with drawer.

Effectiveness and ease of use:
By taking 5 drops at night, I fall asleep more easily. I am less stressed, less tired. In the morning, I am more relaxed.

What advice for use could you give?
The product is put in drop by drop under the tongue with the pipette. The number of drops is according to your needs.


my advice of use
5 drops before going to sleep

Presentation and packaging
The little glass vial is really beautiful and the pipette is very practical. This product has a really high quality packaging.

Easy to use and to dose thanks to the pipette.

sober and elegant package, pretty lilac color, bottle with pipette for a simple use, pleasant and not strong smell.
easy to use thanks to the pipette to count the drops well. For my part, two shots per day, starting with 5 drops at each shot. As far as I'm concerned, I must not be receptive to CBD because my sleep is always so disturbed (falling asleep very long, night awakenings). on the other hand I am more zen, so effectiveness on this point ...


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