Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid (to be found in food), which is involved in the production of cell membranes. Chemically, it contains a double bond at the sixth carbon of its chain, which makes it an Omega 6 and even THE precursor of the whole family of the same name. From this fatty acid, the body is able to synthesize many fatty acids with capital functions such as, among others, arachidonic acid necessary to naturally produce anandamide, the best-known endocannabinoid species, but also chemical mediators involved in immunity or inflammation. Linoleic acid contributes significantly to the regulation of sebum. A severe deficiency in linoleic acid leads to dryness of the skin with desquamation, associated with a failure of its barrier function and even predisposing it to infections. Oils that contain a high linoleic acid content, such as evening primrose oil and safflower oil, are suitable for oily to combination skins.