It is best to drip the CBD oil directly under the tongue. Under the tongue are the oral mucosa, so your body can absorb it quickly and it ends up in the right places. Optionally, you can first drop the CBD oil on a spoon so that you can see what you are doing.

For optimal effect, follow these steps: 

  1. Always shake the CBD bottle well before use. 
  2. Drip the CBD oil. 
  3. You wait 60 seconds
  4. Swallow the oil. 
  5. You can rinse your mouth with some water if necessary. This is not mandatory, but can make it more enjoyable.

Some people also drip the oil on some bread, yogurt or a teaspoon of honey to mask the taste. This can’t hurt, but with this you don’t give your oral mucosa the time to fully absorb the CBD. After all, you don’t leave the oil under the tongue for a while before you swallow it. The best remains to place it pure under the tongue. If you find the taste a bit too intense, you can use some aids in the beginning. Slowly you will get used to the taste, after which you can switch to the pure CBD oil.

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